Terms of service

Purpose of Terms of Use

The purpose of these Terms of Use ("Terms") is to define conditions of use of the XeroTube Service ("Service") between all Users of the Service ("Users") and the company ("we", "us", or "our").


"Individual Terms of Use" refer to documents with names such as "Terms", "Guidelines" or "Policies" that we distribute or post separately from these Terms. Individual Terms of Use constitute a part of these Terms. "Contents" refer to paragraphs, voices, music, images, videos, software, programs, codes and other information. "Posted Content" refers to any Contents posted, transmitted or uploaded to the Service by Users. "The Content" refers to Contents accessible through the Service and includes Posted Content.

Agreement to Terms

By using the Service, Users enter into a valid and irrevocable agreement to these Terms. If a User is a minor, the User must obtain consent from their legal representative (including agreement to these Terms) before using the Service. If a User was a minor at the time of agreeing to these Terms, by using the Service after the User attain the age of majority, the User subsequently affirms their usage activities from the time when they were a minor.

Amendments to Terms

We reserve the right to make amendments to these Terms whenever we deem them necessary. When we make amendments, we will publish or notify Users of the changes as needed. Amended Terms become valid at the time they are posted at an appropriate location in the Service or on websites we operate, and by continuing to use the Service after these Terms are amended, Users enter into a valid and irrevocable agreement to the amended Terms. When using the Service, please refer to the most up to date Terms as needed.


When Users register information about themselves to use the Service, they must provide true, accurate and complete information, and they must keep it updated so that it reflects the most up to date information. When Users register passwords to use the Service, they are responsible for safeguarding their passwords to prevent them from being used fraudulently. We may consider all activities conducted using the registered passwords to be the actions of the Users themselves. Users registered for the Service may delete their accounts and withdraw from the Service at any time. When we recognize that a User is in violation of or in danger of violating these Terms, we may stop or delete the account without prior notice to the User. In such an event, under any circumstances, we do not have any liability to the User or to a third person. We may delete an account that has not been accessed for two years or longer without prior notice to the User. If a User deletes an account by mistake, the account cannot be recovered. An account for the Service belongs exclusively to the User of the account, and it cannot be transferred (including as a collateral), loaned, or inherited.

Protecting Privacy and Personal Information

We strive to appropriately protect privacy and personal information of Users in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Conditions of Providing Service

Users must use the Service in accordance with these Terms. To use the Service, Users provide anything needed such as equipment, devices, communication equipment, operation systems, means of communication, and electricity at their own cost and under their own responsibility. We provide all or a part of the Service solely to Users who meet requirements we deem necessary. When we deem necessary, we may alter or stop providing specifications, rules, designs, visual and auditory expressions, effects, parameters, scenarios and all other Contents of all or a part of the Service at any time without prior notice to customers.

Temporary Interruption or Discontinuation of Service

We may temporarily interrupt or discontinue providing all or a part of the Service in any of the following cases. In such a case, while we will strive to reduce losses incurred by Users, we will not be held legally liable to the Users for any reasons. When conducting maintenance on systems, related facilities, or networks, constructions, overload, or system maintenance When it is impossible or difficult to use the outside systems that work together with the Service When it is impossible or difficult to provide the Service due to natural disasters, wars or other emergency situations When continuing to provide the Service becomes difficult

Conditions of Content Use

Users may not use the Content beyond the mode of usage intended by the Service (including actions such as duplicating, transmitting, reprinting, altering.) The Content is to be backed up by Users themselves, and we are not under any obligation to make backups of the Content. When Users post Contents using the Service, they must ensure that the Contents do not offend public order and morals or violate rights of third parties (including copyright, trademark right, and other intellectual property rights.) Users retain prior and existing rights to Posted Content, and we will not gain any rights to the said Content. However, Posted Content that is made public to other Users is permitted indefinitely, without cost or limitation on locations for the usage with the Service. We may verify Posted Content in order to verify that it is in compliance with the law and these Terms, and we may alter Posted Content to a minimum degree and use it as needed to operate the Service. We may delete Posted Content without prior notice to customers if the Posted Content violates or in danger of violating the public order and morals, the law or this contract, or if a third party requests deletion of the Posted Content. We do not, for any reasons, assume any legal liability for such deletion.

Prohibited Activities

Users may not engage in the following prohibited activities when using the Service. If a User engages in a prohibited activity, we may ask the User to stop or correct the prohibited activity and may prevent the User from using the Service. If a User engages in a prohibited activity and causes damages to us or to a third person, the User must make reparations for all the damages on their own responsibility and at their own cost.

1 Activities that violate laws, court rulings, decisions or orders, or legally binding governmental actions
2 Activities that may damage public order or good morals
3 Providing benefits to or any other activities that aid antisocial forces
4 Activities that violate copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, patent rights, intellectual property rights such as utility model rights, rights to protect one's good name, privacy rights or any other rights and interests of the company or of a third person that legally or contractually deserve protection
5 By means other than the ones specified by us, activities that lead to usage by a third person or disposition of the Content usage rights or the Content data by lending, exchanging, transferring, changing ownership of, trading, pawning, or providing as collateral such rights or data.
6 Sales, publicizing, advertising, soliciting or any other activities for the purpose of commercial gains (except for ones permitted by us), religious activities or soliciting to join religious groups, activities for the purpose of sexual acts or acts of obscenity, activities for the purpose of meeting or having a relationship with an unacquainted person of the opposite sex, displaying or making others display child pornography or information that qualifies as child abuse, activities for the purpose of harassing or abusing a third person, and any other activities that have a purpose that falls outside of the intended usage of the Service
7 Posting or sending of excessively violent expressions, explicit sexual expressions, expressions that lead to discriminations based on race, nationality, belief, sex, social status, family origin and others, expressions that entice or promote suicides, self-harming and drug abuse, and any other expressions that are antisocial and make others uncomfortable
8 Sending same or similar messages to many and unspecified third persons (except for ones permitted by us), arbitrarily adding third persons to friends or groups, or any other activities that we deem as spams
9 Pretending to be us or a third person, or intentionally circulating false information
10 Fraudulently collecting or publishing private information, registration information and usage history information of a third person
11 Accessing the Service fraudulently, using user ID of a third person, obtaining multiple user IDs and other similar activities
12 Activities that pose problems for servers and network systems of the Service, manipulating the Service using BOT, cheat tools and any other technical methods, intentionally taking advantage of defects of the Service, making unreasonable demands to us such as repeatedly making similar or same inquiries more times than necessary, and any other activities that hinder and pose problems to the operation of the Service by us or the usage of the Service by a third person
13 Activities that support or promote activities that correspond to any of the above items 1 through the preceding item
14 Any other activities that we deem as inappropriate

User Responsibility

Users use the Service at their own risk and are liable for all the actions they take on the Service and consequences. When we determine a User is using the Service in violation of these Terms, we may take actions we deem necessary and appropriate. However, we are not under any obligation to prevent or correct such violations. If we or a third person suffer damages due to usage of the Service by a User, the User will make reparations for all the damages on their own responsibility and at their own cost.


We do not make explicit or implicit warranty that there is no actual or legal defect (including safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, validity, fitness for a particular purpose, defects, errors and bugs in things such as security, and infringement of rights) in the Service (including the Content), and we are not under any obligation to provide the Service that is free of such defects to Users. We do not assume any liability regarding any and all damages suffered by Users due to the Service, unless there is an intentional or gross negligence on our part. In the event we are legally liable for damages to Users, the maximum damage compensation amount is the larger of the usage fee received in the month the damage occurred or $200 US dollars. The Service might include services or contents provided by other business operators that we partner with or use. The liability for such services or contents is with the business operator providing them, and the terms of use the business operator provides apply.

Validity of Terms

In the event a part of the provisions in these Terms is deemed invalid by laws or court rulings, other provisions will remain valid. In the event all or a part of the provisions in these Terms are deemed to be invalid in relation to a subset of Users, they will remain valid in relation to other Users.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The governing law of these Terms is Seychelles law, and in the event a dispute arises between Users and us due to or relating to the Service, the Judiciary of Victoria City will be the agreed exclusive jurisdiction.